Transition will be held at Rocket Bicycle Studio and on Bruce Street….closing the road down! Our finish line design will provide a unique experience for both participants and spectators. You will enter transition on one end from the swim and exit the other to start the bike leg. You will enter transition the same place you exited for the bike and head out to the run. At the finish, you will be in the center of it all as the festival surrounds you celebrating your accomplishment.

swim - triathlon

This two-loop swim (for the triathlon only) will be held in the Fireman's Park Quarry, a body of water that provides a continuous, calm and clear swim. Each loop is approximately .4 miles and you will stay in the water for the whole swim!  

Participants will enter the swim at the boat launch, swim to the east (to your right), continue around the Quarry in a counter clockwise fashion, swim near the beach and continue swimming out for the 2nd loop and then after completion of the 2nd loop will exit out at the beach area to transition, which will be held on the grass area at Fireman's Park. 

The swim course will close at 8:20am.

There will be 10 lifeguards monitoring the swim in addition to kayakers, paddle boarders, and medical and safety assets on the beach.

For swim wave information, please go to the REGISTER page. 

For a swim turn by turn, head HERE!



Once you exit transition, you will proceed out of Fireman's Park to the south onto the 39.2 mile bike course. This course will take you through the beautiful and hilly countryside of Southwestern Wisconsin on popular routes and roads. Aid stations will be located at mile 14.5 and 24.2. 

The bike course will close at 11:30am for the triathlon portion of the event. 

Traffic management will be provided by local and Dane County law enforcement. Course marshals will be in place to ensure safety and proper direction. Safety, directional and informational signage will be plentiful along the course. 

Are you are looking for a print out of the bike course turn-by-turn? Please click ME!

You can also add THIS gps. file to your cycling computer.



After a successful bike ride, you will come out of transition and head west to the 10-mile flat course out-and-back on the Military Ridge Path. A crushed lime-stone runner-friendly route will carry you swiftly to a strong finish. Aid stations will be located every mile.

The run course for the triathlon will close at 2:15pm.

The Verona police department will manage traffic allowing you safe and unimpeded passage as you leave transition and enter the Military Ridge Path. Volunteers and bike escorts will be on-course to provide guidance and safety.

For your safety and that of offers, we encourage use of proper trail etiquette. Stay on the trail and respect the residents that live along the trail. Port-a-potties and aid stations will be available.

Take a peak at the course turn by turn right HERE.

You can download this gps. LINK of the run course to your watch.