This run event will be a rolling start beginning on Bruce Street taking you north up Paoli St, then heading west to the 10-mile flat course out-and-back on the Military Ridge Path. A crushed lime-stone runner-friendly route will carry you swiftly to a strong finish. Aid stations will be located every mile.

The run event will begin at 10am. Runners will have
2 1/2 hours to complete the run course.

The Verona police department will manage traffic allowing you safe and unimpeded passage as you leave transition and enter the Military Ridge Path. Volunteers and bike escorts will be on-course to provide guidance and safety.

For your safety and that of offers, we encourage use of proper trail etiquette. Stay on the trail and respect the residents that live along the trail. Port-a-potties and aid stations will be available.

Take a peak at the course turn by turn right HERE.

You can download this gps. LINK of the run course to your watch.

Fastest legs running wins $50 cash!