bike event ONLY

In a rolling start fashion, you start your bike race on Bruce Street and head south on HWY 60/Paoli Street onto the 39.2 mile bike course. This course will take you through the beautiful and hilly countryside of Southwestern Wisconsin on popular routes and roads. Aid stations will be located at mile 14.5 and 24.2. 

The bike course event will begin at 7:00am. Riders will have 3 hours to complete the course. 

Traffic management will be provided by local and Dane County law enforcement. Course marshals will be in place to ensure safety and proper direction. Safety, directional and informational signage will be plentiful along the course. 

Are you are looking for a print out of the bike course turn-by-turn? Please click ME!

You can also add THIS gps. file to your cycling computer.

Be the fastest biker in the “In It To Win It” wave and win $50 cash!